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Archero Master for Archero

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The Archero Master for Archero is the first and only all-in-one player Equipment Stats Calculator, Chest Simulator, Archero News Feature, and Archero Guides app for Archero.


Please note: The Archero Master is not a game. The Archero Master is a companion app for Archero to provide you with all the necessities to be the best Archer.

Archero Calculator Features:
• Determine advanced stats for your player that is not shown in the game Archero.

• Displays your actual damage per second that you will do in-game.

• Determines the quantity of gold and scrolls required for each equipment item to get them to their max level.

• Auto-saves your selected equipment, heroes, talents and abilities so your load out will be saved the next time you open the app.

• Calculates the effect that abilities, equipment, heroes, and talents have on your player.

• Change heroes and their levels to see the effect each hero has on your equipment.

Chest Simulator Features:
• The chest simulator lets you simulate the opening of golden and obsidian chests and stocks them in an inventory and keeps tracks of gems spent.

• The costs of gems for the chests discount just like they do in game.

• The chest simulator uses the same probability chances that the game uses for the chests.

Archero Guides:
• The guides currently feature equipment, abilities, chapters, and heroes.

Archero News:
• Don’t miss out on the latest news! Stay up to date with the latest announcements for Archero.

If you have any feedback and suggestions for the Archero Master, I am very open to listening to your ideas on the Archero Discord Server.

Archero Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/8aNu7XZ

The Archero Master is not affiliated, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Habby and Habby is not responsible for this app.

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