BitLife Mod APK 3.2.3 (Mod menu, Unlimited money)

App Name BitLife
Developer Candywriter, LLC
Latest Version
Update July 5, 2022
Size 130.64 Mb
License Freeware
Category GAMES

We’re all unique. With BitLife Mod Menu APK, you can experience real-life from birth until death. You’ll have to make new choices, confront the consequences, and live your life to the fullest!

About BitLife

BitLife Mod APK

Are you enjoying your current life? There are seven billion people around the globe today, and we’re scattered across the globe. Each of us lives distinct lives and enjoys various things, with various jobs. Due to this, there are a variety of people that you could meet and enjoy in the present. In BitLife you can begin with a brand new person at random and make your own choices through.

In this enjoyable game from Candywriter, You are accountable for your choices throughout your life, from birth to death. You will be spending time with siblings and parents and start school from the beginning. In addition, you will have fun doing things with your family, and visiting the doctor. You’ll get to know the different aspects of your character like health, happiness as well as your smarts and appearance. Every decision you make affects your overall score in this game when you get older.

Live Your Life

BitLife Mod APK

There are a lot of people in the world today some are attending school, others have jobs while others are retired and others are still infants. We’re all individuals with distinct preferences, tastes, and experiences in our lives. It’s lots of enjoyable having a good time at the moment we have what we want. In BitLife you’ll live an unplanned life from birth to death. You’ll be able to complete all sorts of things like attend schools, search for jobs, purchase automobiles and homes and even marry one another.

In the beginning, you’ll live your life of your own, and you’ll lead the normal life of a child until the time he reaches. During this time, you’ll visit the doctor, attend school, and you’ll spend lots of time with your parents. You’ll have the chance to build relationships with people including your parents, friends, and even love interests. There are also decisions to make throughout your life regarding what you consider your sexual preference, your social media, and many others. There are many options that you’ll need to consider. have to consider before making.


Overall, it’s an enjoyable game that allows you to live a life of unlimited possibilities, however, each one is dependent on the choices you make.

BitLife Features

BitLife Mod APK

Sometimes life is hard but it can also be easy and most often, it’s difficult. In BitLife you’ll experience an individual life that is depending on the choices you make.

Start a life there are many people living today, specifically more than 7 billion. The figure is likely to be greater in the next years and years. But, we all are different in our way because we have different choices, are raised in various environments, and are born to families of different origins. In BitLife you will be able to experience the life of a person from birth to death and take it as you like. In this game of simulation, you will experience all the phases of life.

In this place, you’ll live throughout your life, and everything will be based on the choices you make. In this game, you can choose what you’d like to do like passing the driver’s license test or not, working out or not, or spending time with your mom or not, or going for a walk or going to class. There are a lot of options to play during this game, and you’ll find yourself doing lots. In this game, you can do meditation or go to the library, attend school and possibly even get work.


Take pleasure in Making ChoicesThere are a myriad of simulation games available to play in the present. However, in this game, it is you who makes the final decision within your personal life. You’re accountable for the decisions that you make like whether you want to study or not, choosing the college of your choice or a date to go on and studying more and going to the club, and so on. In this game, you’ll experience everything you can in life based on the choices you make. There’s a lot to explore and do in this entertaining simulation game.

BitLife Mod APK

Different AspectsHere is a few aspects you’ll appreciate and take note of each time you visit. There’s schooling, assets, interactions, and even activities. Each one of these is subdivided into various activities you can engage in to improve every aspect of your daily life. You can clubbing or visit the doctor, obtain your driving license, immigrate or purchase a lottery ticket meet someone special, work on your body and mind, and many others.

Each of the choices and actions you make will impact your entire life and your shorty. Take advantage of unique experiences today!

Live different lives here you can begin new lives each time. Your birth order will vary due to your unique family and unique circumstances.

Statistics –In this video game, anything you do will affect your health, happiness as well as your intelligence, and appearance. It can go upwards or downwards based on the factors you consider most important.

Install BitLife Mod APK Mod menu and Unlimited money

Experience a truly unique lifestyle now in BitLife! Be a renowned musician, or take on working in a company The decision is yours.

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