Clockmaker MOD APK 68.1.1 (Unlimited Money)

Clockmaker is a simple engaging, intellectual game. The story starts with a curse that places an entire town that was in the 18th century at risk. An odd older man named Uncle is determined to discover the truth about what’s happening. However, he requires your assistance. The only way to help him is by simply swiping your finger and placing stones together to finish the job.

There’s a map that’s intact that you can explore while searching for the mysterious criminal. If you make friends with townspeople and find additional items to aid in your journey, new areas will be opened. Clockmaker is a game that plays similarly to other puzzles with an intellectual component such as Candy Crush saga or Legendary Diamond Game. The objective is to align three identical gems and accomplish the goal.

At other levels, take specific items from the board, or take the objects to the desired location. There’s a wealth of tips, power-ups, and tools that can aid you in potentially dangerous situations. Thus, you can trigger one of those pleasant chain reactions, confidently and every single row will bring you the success you desire.

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