Eternal Return Survival Book

Eternal Return Survival Book is a useful application that helps users of the survival game ‘Eternal Return (formerly Eternal Return: Black Survival)’ to survive.

Various information related to Eternal Return can be easily accessed on a smartphone via the application, and useful functions to help the game will be implemented.


It is still not very good, but we plan to improve it little by little.
We ask for your support!!

1. Character information (profile, skill description, story, route strategy)
2. Weapon Skills
3. Item dictionary function
4. Create route plan, view detail and edit feature
5. Item Build Simulator
6. Historical Search (
7. Confirmation of character attack posted on the website
8. Ranking can be checked
9. Various information for each map (images, drop items)
10. Black Survival Eternal Return (Notice, Patch Notes) Information
11. Community Features (Reddit, Steam Community)

All glory to the pawn who has reached the end of despair!

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