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GWENT: The Witcher Card Game brings players to the world of The Witcher through impressive cards and confronts powerful enemies with them. You’ll build a deck that’s capable of supporting each other to win with a unique number of power points.

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GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is a fantasy-themed trading card game that is engrossing and immersive. Players must overcome their opponents by using a wide variety of cards with designs based on well-known characters from The Witcher universe. You’ll learn fresh, fun methods to amp up your power and enhance the skills of your deck as you advance through the game.

For gamers who like strategy games and compelling storytelling, the game’s complicated mechanics and rich backstory make it a great option. Every match is a distinctive experience that calls both thoughtful planning and hasty judgement. GWENT delivers an engaging and difficult gaming experience that will keep you going back for more whether you’re a seasoned player or a genre beginner.

Players in GWENT are able to create their own unique decks by selecting from a wide variety of cards. Before creating your ideal deck, carefully weigh your selections because each card adds its own special strengths and weaknesses to the game. No two games will ever be the same thanks to the game’s wide variety of cards and unique gaming mechanisms.

Hence, GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is the ideal option if you’re seeking for an exciting and difficult trading card game that mixes strategy, skill, and an intriguing plot. The game’s dynamic gameplay and immersive atmosphere are guaranteed to grab you with their astonishing burstiness and confusion.


Radovid V is unquestionably a figure in GWENT that The Witcher fans should not ignore. Players can anticipate significant updates to the gameplay with the recent introduction of 12 new cards featuring well-known characters from the series. The advent of Radovid V is particularly exciting because of his special capacity to summon other Scythemen and boost their combat prowess on the battlefield.

Radovid V is unquestionably a card to take into consideration if you’re looking to improve and try new tactics. He can give you a considerable tactical advantage in battle by conjuring more Scythemen, allowing you to overwhelm your adversaries with a potent and well-coordinated assault. He can also increase the battle effectiveness of other Scythemen on the field.

Of course, as with every new addition to the game, it is essential to fully understand Radovid V’s capabilities and determine the most effective ways to use him in your deck. Due to his unique abilities and imposing combat prowess, he has the ability to dramatically change the course of events in the GWENT universe.

Radovid V is an intriguing addition to the game that will intrigue lovers of the The Witcher universe overall. No matter if you are a seasoned player or a beginner, you shouldn’t disregard this card. He stands out on the field and possesses unique skills. So if you’re ready, make sure to check out Radovid V and see what it has to offer.


Via the cards you play in each game of GWENT, you have the chance to completely immerse yourself in the fascinating and expansive world of The Witcher. You’ll be able to summon a wide variety of series characters to your side as you assemble your deck of 25 unique cards. Each card has its own unique qualities and effects, so you must carefully analyse your options in order to build a deck that can fend off attacks from your opponents.

As you come into fight, you’ll need to acquire a particular number of power points and outscore your opponent to win the match. You can call forth new cards each turn and use their capabilities to earn advantages.

Everyone can enjoy GWENT, regardless of their level of experience or familiarity with the game. It’s simple to understand why so many players have fallen in love with this thrilling trading card game thanks to its broad roster of characters, interesting gameplay mechanics, and breathtaking aesthetics. So why are you still waiting? Create your deck, perfect your abilities, and get ready to rule the GWENT universe!


The requirement to adhere to rules when creating your deck of cards is one of the similarities between GWENT and other trading card games. In GWENT, players must assemble a deck of 25 cards, at least 13 of which must be playable warriors with individual power stats. Players may also use other cards with special abilities in addition to these warrior cards to aid their characters in combat or weaken their adversaries’ power.

Gaining as many power points as you can is the primary goal of GWENT, and there are numerous strategies that may be employed to do this. Some cards on the field have the ability to raise a card’s attack power, while other cards have the ability to reduce or even completely destroy an opponent’s card’s attack power. Certain cards can also call other cards to the field, boosting the power of your team.

By utilising a wide range of cards with diverse abilities, players can design their own special strategies to outsmart their opponents and win each game. When they investigate the entertaining options open to them, players will undoubtedly find a playstyle that suits them.


Over time, you’re sure to find yourself with a completely different number of decks that can make up a powerful deck in GWENT. At the same time, there are many ways you can collect them, like you will get some card packs through doing quests or buying kegs to unlock new cards.

Enter the world in The Witcher with this game that brings interesting points such as:
– The number of cards is characters from this universe, and there are awe-inspiring animations that you can’t afford to miss.
– You will have a deck of cards and take on other opponents as you build greater strength and subdue them.
– The number and types of cards are wholly diverse, so anyone can create a deck they want and have a great association.
– There are many tactics that you can take advantage of to reduce the strength of your enemies and increase your strength to create a specific advantage.
– The new cards completely attract players, especially Radovid V’s card with impressive effects.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game v11.3.0 APK (Lasted Version) Download

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