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Home Design Makeover MOD APK 4.6.3g (Unlimited Money)

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Name Home Design Makeover
ID in.loop.hdmakeover
Publisher Storm8 Studios
Category Simulation
Version 4.6.3g
Size 157.33 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android Android 4.4 and up+
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The description of Home Design Makeover MOD APK 4.6.3g (Unlimited Money)

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Home Design Makeover

Home Design Makeover  You will be enjoying this simple but extremely addictive game House Design Makeover as you discover the world of furnishings and décor. Use all objects and items available to assist other players in creating their ideal homes.

Explore exciting match-three games as you unlock exciting furniture and other items for your rooms. Show off your creativity and personality when you design the most breathtaking rooms that are adorned with stunning designs and decor. Develop into a skilled designer and assist your clients and customers create their ideal rooms.

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In the game Android gamers will have a chance to be Interior Designers, the job is to help clients in achieving the ideal design for their budgets. Utilize your imagination to create amazing ideas without spending too much amount of money. Additionally, you’ll get access to amazing interior design skills which will expose you to a variety of new ideas that you’ll find interesting to study.

As you tackle the challenges of interior design this game will include multiple match-three levels players to finish. Combine the same colored cubes and gather enough to unlock exclusive items as well as rewards for your characters.

You can take on a variety of exciting missions, including room decor to house remodels. Enhance your profile and increase the chance to compete in more challenging match-three challenges.

Home Design Makeover


You’ll find the most exciting features the game can offer:

Explore the different remodel ideas in varied styles

If you’re looking to get involved in the home remodeling and interior design industry, Home Design Makeover should be one of your top games as it offers a wide range of exciting ideas for remodels and designs that you could use to apply to your own latest designs.

You can choose to go with the Farmhouse style or the Modern house renovations, with a variety of styles to experiment on. Choose your style and then come up with the most fascinating ideas. Most importantly you’ll need to please your clients and customers with your ideas and work. Make sure you choose wisely based on the characteristics they offer.

Explore the different remodel ideas in varied styles

Additionally, by completing The Home Design Makeover you’ll get to experience various design principles that can be used in all the rooms in your home. You can try organizing and designing an inviting and family-friendly living space, a chic kitchen that can welcome guests to your meal as well as a comfy bedroom that is comfortable for everyone to sleep in as well as a practical and comfortable bathroom for the family members to relax in. The list is endless. Then, you’ll begin to imagine yourself as a professional interior designer.

Home Design Makeover

Embark on your journey and have a great career

Gamers who participate in the Home Design Makeover are likely to work as part of a house design company. Begin by going on an interesting and insightful mission that will help homeowners on a budget have fun in their homes. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to begin traveling around the globe by incorporating your designs into beautiful masterpieces. Get noticed and start designing for celebrities. Make a fortune and begin your life as a designer.

A variety of different furniture and décor to make use of

To aid you in your design career In addition, the game offers various interior and furniture designs that come with various themes and configurations. Your task is to choose the most appropriate pieces of flooring, lighting, furniture, and other decorations to transform the homes of your customers. Based on their tastes and preferences You can create any design that will satisfy them. Utilize your vast collection of decor optito remodel every room efficientlyroom.

Enjoy the game whenever and wherever you want

If you’re attracted, the game offers a thrilling offline game. This means that you can play at any time and anywhere you’d like. Additionally, the easy and relaxed gameplay will allow you to quickly get acquainted with the sport. Take advantage of your home decor offline experience whenever you have the time.

Home Design Makeover

Take on exciting match-three puzzle levels

Alongside the design difficulties, the game introduces Android players to thrilling match-three challenges. You can assist your customers to earn higher furniture pieces, and acquire new and interesting designs as well as other interesting decors. Install new and appealing pieces of equipment for their rooms as you finish your match-three challenge. Be able to conquer a variety of levels, which can be more than 1000 levels.

Enjoy more interesting content and features with every update

To improve the fun of the game The developers of Home Design Makeover will also offer a variety of interesting and helpful styles, designs, and furniture in their latest updates. So, you’ll be able to take advantage of more exciting content and features every time you upgrade the game. Also, make sure you keep an eye out for updates.

Free to play

If you haven’t heard about the game, it’s now free for all Android players to play. In any case, you can have it downloaded onto your devices, without paying any money. Download it and then install it from Google Play Store anytime you feel like it.

Enjoy unlimited diamond with our mod

Although, since it’s a freemium game, however, it comes with ads and in-app purchases may be annoying. So, you may prefer to look at our redesigned variant of the game. By using it, you’ll be able to unlock unlimited diamonds, which allows you to buy anything you desire. Additionally, if you’re tired of annoying advertisements they’ll be eliminated with our mod. So, you’ll be able to take advantage of the game to its highest degree. All it takes is to install Home Design Makeover Mod APK home Design Create over MOD APK on our site instead.

Visual and sound quality


If you’re curious, Home Design Makeover does provide fantasticzing visual experience that you’d imagine. In this game, you’ll get lost in breathtaking environments and breathtaking visuals. Enjoy the freedom to interact and embellish a range of real furniture for your home.

At the same time, you can play endless match-three puzzles that will provide stunning visual effects. Enjoy yourself while watching beautiful gems explode off with incredible pictures.


However, the game comes with stunning soundtracks that will keep you engaged with your match-three and decorating challenges for hours. Additionally, the engaging and realistic audio effects make you feel as if you’re doing work at work.

Download Home Design Makeover Mod APK latest 4.6.3g Android

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