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Ice Scream Episode 2

Ice Scream Episode 2 Do you like ice cream Do you like ice cream? We’re sure you have some wonderful childhood memories of the ice cream vendors in your local area. What if these sweet memories suddenly changed into a terrifying and gruesome nightmare after we revealed to you the ice cream shop owner is secretly kidnapping your children and freezing them with his icy-cold breath?

This surely would cause a lot of damage to your memories and make them bad ones, would they? Who would have imagined that the friendly Ice cream vendors could be so terrifying? Lucky for you, this is an invented story. However, for our friends from Ice Scream, everything is real. The threats are always on the horizon. You never know which day you’ll be one of the victims. This time, the Ice Cream Man is back and we’re welcoming you to another horror thriller Ice Scream Episode 2.

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After the incidents that occurred in the very first game of the game, Ice Cream seller has kidnaped your friend who you love dearly as well as other children. And you were witness to all the horrors as he used some form of superpower to freeze your friend right in front of your eyes. However, he not noticed your presence and didn’t discern your presence.

Although you’re secure for the moment Who knows when this seemingly friendly man be able to target you or, even more than your friends? The most important thing is that you’re concerned about your dear friend and want to save him from death. To do this you’ll need to step into the vehicle of our spooky ice cream vendor and follow his route.

Get into the amazing game with a string of amazing events you’ll need to face. In addition, you can have fun playing the amazing in-game puzzles and obstacles you’ll need to conquer to conclude this.

Be careful, as our friend and ice cream vendor Rod Rod isn’t quite as welcoming when he’s trying to impress other people. So, be aware of dangers that could be lurking whenever you’re near him. Simultaneously, be alert when you have to respond to dangers and figure out your method of avoiding the risk.

The game recreates that terrifying and thrilling adventure you’ve encountered when playing The Granny Chapter 2 and Five Nights Freddy’s Two. This time, there’s no terrifying-looking granny or animatronics to follow you. Instead, a friendly Ice cream vendor should be capable of deceiving you with his innocent charms.


Ice Scream Episode 2


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Hide and stay away from danger

If you’re curious, Ice Scream Episode 2 will let you plunge into the thrilling game of playing hide and seek. you try to avoid the sly ice cream vendor when he wanders in the van. Be sure to hide to ensure that he doesn’t notice the way he goes by. Make sure you don’t make loud noises because Rod could be listening to any unusual noises and easily spot you if you do not remain silent. This is why it’s essential to utilize your quick thinking and perseverance to keep away from him and also fool him when he attempts to get close.

Interactive environments with tons of interesting elements

As you travel on the road and follow the frightful Ice Cream Man to his hiding places You’ll also be introduced to interactive game environments that conceal many secrets you can find. You can do this by freely interfacing with the props and items that surround you, looking for clues. Examine what you’ve discovered and start your research as you progress through the game. Utilize your wit and knowledge to quickly find the answers and then move on to the next one. There will be plenty of exciting questions and challenges to conquer in the coming challenges.

Ice Scream Episode 2

Experience different scenarios throughout your adventures

In addition, Android gamers in Ice Scream Episode 2: Horror Neighborhood will be able to gain access to exciting games with a myriad of to discover secrets and dangerous dangers that require your attentiveness. Take the bus and embark on your journey to the dark side while you attempt to uncover all the secrets that lie hidden.

Solve interesting puzzles with brilliant setups

If you’re looking for something to do, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of intriguing puzzles in games each with its unique and innovative setups and components. Dive into the challenging challenges as you attempt to find the mystery that isn’t solved for saving your neighbour’s children from the clutches of the madman. Many actions and well-planned puzzles will make you completely engaged in your unique gaming experience.

Enjoy the game with multiple modes

Furthermore, while you’re moving through the game with multiple game modes, engaging gameplay that has different levels will surely bring more enjoyment to the game. In conclusion, Android players in Ice Cream Episode 2 can take pleasure by:

  • Ghost Mode – Enjoy the most straightforward gameplay within The Ghost Mode by having your avatar transform into a ghost. This decreases the chances of being noticed. It is said that the only time you’re moving this Rod will be able to detect your movements. This helps make the game easier for beginners.
  • Normal Mode As you enter Normal Mode you’ll notice that your ghost power is not available anymore. So, every move and decision has to be made with diligence and precision.
  • Hard Mode – In addition, players who find the game relatively easy will also be able to take on the most difficult challenges in Hard Mode. You’ll find yourself confronted by a sharper and sharper Rod which can detect even the smallest movement. So, it makes your gaming experience a lot more challenging.

Brilliantly elevated scares and horrific scenes with great impressions

Furthermore, when you advance in this game, you’ll be challenged by the awe-inspiring scares and constructed scenes that will shock you. Be prepared for the horrors waiting for you, as it’s impossible to predict what may occur. The bloody scenes high-quality horrors, and so on will provide you with a more thrilling experience in a thriller.

Ice Scream Episode 2

Free to play

If you’re one of those that are interested, it’s possible to play the free game Ice Scream Episode 2 on your mobile devices. However, you can play and download the game in Google Play Store. Google Play Store without paying anything.

Enjoy unlocked gameplay with our mod

To keep the game interesting players who play Ice Scream Episode 2 can also play unlocked and unlimited games at our site. It’s all it takes that you download our mod version and then install it instead. Simply search for Ice Scream Episode 2 Mod APK on our site Follow the instructions and you’ll be set to start playing.

Visual and sound quality


You’ll be completely immersed in the amazing gameplay of Ice Scream Episode 2, where you’ll be able to access amazing visual experiences that can significantly improve the overall experience. This being said, the spooky environment, the horrifying graphics as well as the spooky environment, and creepy characters will make the game more terrifying than it already is.


Alongside, impressive sound effects and exciting game music, players in Ice Scream Episode 2 will be able to access the entertaining and exciting gameplay of the thrilling action on their mobile devices.

Download Ice Scream Episode 2 Mod latest 1.1.2 Android APK

With thrilling and engaging gameplay, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that you will find this fantastic game by Keplerians Horror Games to be a lot of fun. You will be able to explore the events of the well-known horror film while playing completely free and unlimited gameplay in our mod. The best part is, you’ll get access to everything free of charge.

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