Lanota MOD APK 2.15.2 (Unlocked All Seasons)

App Name Lanota
Developer Noxy Games Inc.
Latest Version 2.15.2
Update August 5, 2022
Size 20.79 MB
License Unlocked All Seasons
Category GAMES

The description of Lanota MOD APK 2.15.2 (Unlocked All Seasons)

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Lanota poster

Lanota – Dynamic and challenging Game of Music Game It is the newest mobile music game developed by Noxy Games. While playing, you have to tap the notes that fall from the turntable. Lanota offers currently two game modes, Tune as well as Purify. There are three levels available: Whisper Acoustic, Tune and Ultra. In the music collection, there are three music libraries: Harmony, Tune, and Fail.

There are ten different speed levels to pick from. Also, the prerequisites to get through each one are different. But don’t fret because you’ll become accustomed to the process. Lanota promises to provide players with an experience that is new and exciting. Based on the ideas of the creator Lanota, we are certain that you can’t come across an alternative game that has the same gameplay as Lanota.

They feature a captivating storyline that lets players import various kinds of characters, travel across the globe to locate new lands, and discover the world. In addition to the distinct storyline when in comparison to other music games, the game’s gameplay is also different. Players work in the large circle, which is filled with icons that move swiftly through the screen. Lanota includes ten levels that are split into three levels, featuring 16 songs as well as a booklet with the design of the game.

Lanota poster

General Information

Lanota is among the few games that have a an underlying storyline. Players can play as a variety of characters to discover new lands in the world map. The console that comes with Lanota is an original. The game displays an enormous circle that is constantly turning across the screen. The player must use the keys of the circle. With some peculiar characteristics that make the game interesting, it is attracting many music lovers to play. Lanota includes 16 songs and three difficulty levels.

Lanota is in essence an original. The game’s gameplay, which features a brand new mix is spectacular. It’s a result of the new rhythms made available by Taiwan’s Indie game studio. With their unending love for music, the label has come up with a highly anticipated game. They have set the mobile game in a place that was devastated by a catastrophe that took away all music and colors. The players in the game be a part of their heroes in the adventure telling the story of a touching book an artwork book.

The game includes 16 amazing songs by famous artists all over the world, with their tales. If you’re a lover of rhythm-based games, Lanota is to play.

Lanota poster

How to Play Lanota?

Lanota is a rhythm game that brings you glorious music with unique visuals. It recently combined a music game, role-playing game, and picture book for curious young people. Players will take part in the many heroes in Lanota.

They build Lanota on the foundation of an intriguing scenario in a world where terrible catastrophe happened, taking away all color and sound. The player’s task is to role-play heroes, to explore the foggy map, and restore the world. You will read a photo book that illustrates everything that happened on the journey and collects music items. The game offers 16 great songs performed by famous artists with touching stories.

Lanota offers ten levels in many difficulties for beginners, advanced players, and expert players to choose the right chart for their needs. You can view your achievements and leaderboards, compete with players around the world, or share your memories in Lanota via Facebook and Twitter with your friends. Download the game and start a new interesting experience if you are a lover of music.

Lanota poster

Overall Assessments

Lanota is an audio game. It is based on the game of audio They add the plot to make the game more interesting. It breaks the game down into multiple chapters. Players must keep trying in order to be able to complete the stage. In one chapter, we offer some helpful tips for beginners who want to start quickly. Let’s examine the game.

In accordance with the music’s rhythm playing the right notes using your fingers demands that you be aware of music, work under the rhythm, and also explore and advance. This is different from earlier music games by you drop notes down from the top of your head to the bottom. Notes are suspended from within out to the outside, and a variety of notes will be floating around the disc. It is imperative to click quickly or hold and press to control it. It tests the player’s fingers’ ability to manipulate their fingers.

You can choose from four different difficulty levels, including Whisper Acoustic, Ultra, and Master. You can modify them according to your own preferences. The tempo of percussion, the judgement of percussion and the game’s mode can be adjusted in a variety of ways. Start with the easiest when you’re just beginning. Every song demands the listener to satisfy a variety of conditions in order to be able to pass the threshold. One sheet is set opening the red disc to play every song.

Lanota poster

DEEMO is the name given to the mysterious young man who lives in the castle. Due to his musical ability each night, DEEMO strolls to beautiful melodies played playing the piano. One day, however the little girl fell out of the sky, where DEEMO was living. It’s strange that she is unable to remember her own, and doesn’t even have any idea who she is or the place she came from.

In DEEMO the girl shows an interest in music. She is a fan of DEEMO music, and they grow close. DEEMO discovered that there was a tiny tree growing on her guitar and every time he got taller, the tree’s height. Desiring to return to her home DEEMO set out to make the tree grow in the tunes. What do you think DEEMO be as a person when her new friendship ends? What happens when she discovers her memories? What happens next? This is the heartwarming story that Rayark has shared through DEEMO.

Two years after the launch of the groundbreaking musical game Cytus, Rayark suddenly brought gamers a traditional DEEMO. Contrary to the uniqueness of Cytus the gameplay of DEEMO can be compared to other games such as Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

The notes will fall from the top to the bottom. It will be precisely the beat once they reach the final black line to reach. By alternating notes players will need swipe in order to touch everything. Retrieving the classic game, Rayark did not make players feel like DEEMO did not have enough imagination, but it was appropriate for the story.

The game features three levels: medium, easy, and difficult. The speed system has nine levels. The author suggests that you play when you reach a certain age. You should begin playing from seven onwards to experience being a professional pianist. In a world where black and white are used being the predominant color the graphics of DEEMO are beautiful with intricate characters and scenes. The artwork used to select the songs in the game is stunning, and the graphics are an exquisite mix from Japanese manga, and Western gothic.

Final Words

Lanota is another of the games that involve music. It provides players with a fresh and thrilling experience. Thanks to the developers’ creativity We believe that it’s going to be hard to discover a title that is as beautiful as Lanota, which is available on the Apple app store.

Lanota is an online game that has an appealing storyline. The players will take on the roles of different characters and discover new lands in the world map. The story is not only intriguing however, the music of the game has a distinct gameplay. The players perform their tasks in a circle . They also display fast-moving icons on their screens. They break the game down into three levels that have 10 levels and 16 songs.

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