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PhotoTune If your photos don’t look as good as you expected, don’t be discouraged. With this amazing mobile app of PhotoTune, all the tools and editing resources that are required to enhance and improve your photo quality will be available. You will have no trouble using the app, and you can make use of all its features to enhance your photos in any way that suits you.


You can quickly improve your selfies and portraits with the beautify tools. The powerful photo enhancement options allow you to remove noise, and blurry photos, remove hazes, use the colorizing features, improve the quality of your color, and edit blurry images. These features will help you make the most out of the app, and improve the quality of your photos.

Our comprehensive reviews will help you learn more about the amazing mobile app by as well as all its incredible features.

What is it used for?

PhotoTune is an Android app that allows users to fix and enhance their photos using AI-powered tools and features. The app can easily be used to enhance any photo and improve its quality. Select the images you wish to enhance and then use the one-touch control feature to increase the quality.

PhotoTune’s mobile app is easy to use. It allows users to easily enhance old, damaged, blurry or pixelated photos with just one tap. You can easily upscale your photos using powerful enhancement features. You can easily enable the HDR filters to enhance the image quality on any of the photos.

Mobile users can easily enhance their photos with a variety of tools and simple editing resources. Many useful settings can be used to fix poorly-taken images. You can add colors to your black-and-white photos. You can go on and on.




If you are interested, the Google Play Store now offers a free app. This should be available to all Android users, and you don’t have to pay anything for it. The free app lets you enjoy many of its features, without the need to pay. Be aware that the app is free but will contain ads and in-app purchase, which you will have to unlock.

PhotoTune app users must always grant certain access permissions to the app to make the most of it. This is necessary to ensure that the app works properly. When you first open the app, make sure that you accept all the prompts. Don’t forget to update your mobile device to the most recent firmware version, Android 6.0 or higher. This will improve app stability and make it easier to use the latest updates.

Amazing features

These are just a few of the many exciting features the app offers:

It’s simple and straightforward to use

PhotoTune is a simple, intuitive mobile photo-tuning app for Android. This app can be used to edit all images on your Android device. Select the photos you wish to edit and then use the one-touch options. You can easily use the photo-tune feature to enhance your photos with sharpening and color boosting features. All this can be automated using AI-powered enhancers.

Easy ways to improve and scale your photos

PhotoTune is now available for those who are interested. It allows you to enhance and improve your photos with many useful options. You can easily sharpen and improve your images without any difficulty. You can increase the resolution using presets of 4x, 8x and 2x. This will enable you to create high-quality images on all your devices. You can easily scale the images to make them look stunning.

Use many tools to beautify your features

PhotoTune users now have the ability to beautify their selfies and portraits with many beauty features. PhotoTune allows you to make your face look better. PhotoTune offers many beauty enhancements that will enhance the quality of your photos. You can use the app to apply different styles of make-up and cool filters to improve the look.

HDR can enhance photos

PhotoTune will give Android users the powerful HDR feature. This allows them to easily enable sharpened, haze, and noise-removed photos. The AI-powered tools will instantly transform your photo into something truly amazing. You can simply enable this feature to never take a bad photo again.

Sharpen and unblur photos

If you are interested, PhotoTune now has sharpening/unblurring capabilities that will let you give certain images a new life. Enjoy experimenting with different settings to adjust the sharpening and unblur of certain photos according your preferences. There are many more.



To colorize black and white photos, use the Colorize option

You can bring back the beauty and life to old photos from the past century with the Colorize option enabled. It’s possible to also work with black and white photos, allowing you to further explore their contexts using AI-powered coloring effects. Enjoy working with these simple, yet powerful features that you can easily add to any photo.

Take care of your badly taken photos

You can now improve your photos using many different options, if you are interested. PhotoTune offers many options to transform your photos into beautiful pieces of art. In seconds, you can transform blurry, noisy, low-quality and old photos. You can also enhance colors using different resolutions (2x, 4x) on the move. You won’t ever find a low quality image in your local storage again.

Different editing tools can be used to enhance your photos

You can now change the color settings for those who are interested. You can enhance your colors by using better contrasts, increased exposures, higher saturations, greater clarity, and other options. You can edit your images as you wish.

Get a premium app for free by using our mod

PhotoTune users may want to look at the modded version on our website, as the free app has ads and in-app purchase. We offer the modded mobile application with no ads and unlimited features for free. You just need to download the FotoTune Mod APK and follow the instructions.

Final verdicts

PhotoTune is a powerful mobile app that allows you to enhance and fix any image with ease.

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