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photo this Have ever you been in a situation where you find a beautiful flowering plant but don’t know the name of it? It can be very difficult to find the right plant later. You might also discover a new species in your garden that you aren’t sure if it is best to remove them. You can go on and on.

All your problems can be solved if you just use this amazing mobile app from PictureThis to identify the plants and their names. Glority’s mobile tool is available to assist you in identifying any plant within seconds. You will find many useful features to help you grow as a gardener and plant lover.

Learn more about the amazing PictureThis – Plant Identifier mobile app and all its incredible features in our detailed review

What does it do?

In PictureThis, Android users will be able to access the full-interactive and very useful plants identifiers that can help them navigate any issue they may encounter with their particular species and plants. Join 70 millionand more users in this community that is devoted to plants and discover more about the plants and gardening abilities.

Begin by using the simple and simple plant Identifier feature to search for the names of certain plants you’re looking at in addition to access their detailed descriptions to examine the plant in detail you’d like to. Artificial Intelligence can always provide you with the most precise results when scanning. In addition, it provides you with lots of information related to it that may be of interest to you.

You are free to make use of the app to look for the plants, weeds, flowers or trees, and even diagnosing the condition of certain objects. Find great gardening tips and gardening tips for certain species of plants in the garden. Register information about your plans and make use of this app to maintain track of the development. Join the community online where you’ll be able to make great friends and learn about gardening from other gardeners. The list of benefits goes on.

PictureThis MOD APK
PictureThis MOD APK
PictureThis MOD APK


If you are interested in this incredible mobile app from Glority, you can now download the version for free of the application from Google Play Store. Google Play Store and it will be available to every Android users to use. There, you can making use of the numerous of the free features in the app, and enjoy complete enjoyment using the features. However, to access the fully-featured app that is free of ads and premium features, you will need to make specific in-app purchases you will need to complete.

In addition, the in-app functions will require access permissions on your Android devices to guarantee their full functionality. Make sure you be aware of and accept the app’s demands the first time you enter the menu for home.

In addition to increase the app’s stability and compatibility for compatibility with the Android device, it’s strongly advised that you keep your mobile devices upgraded to the most current firmware versions, and preferably Android 5.0 and above.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Intuitive and easy to use

As soon as you download the app, Android users in PictureThis – Plant Identifier are able to begin making use of this fantastic mobile app that is a breeze to use thanks to its simple and easy app UI. In addition, the in-app guided features ensure that you don’t face any difficulties using these features. Through PictureThis The plant Identifier, Android users can make use of the built-in camera settings to look for plants or download images which were saved to the mobile device. Whatever method you choose the application can give you the most accurate plant identifications.

Identify thousands of plants with ease

Through PictureThis’s Plant Identifier, Android users can easily scan any plant or flowers they encounter. Because of the extensive library of over 17,000 plants this app will always give you the necessary scan results, and the success rate of around 98% every time you scan. Furthermore, the groundbreaking artificial intelligence engine will offer Android users with a variety of exciting features to identify their plants.

Diagnose certain problems on your plants

Alongside Plant identifier, PictureThis – Plant Identifier can also assist users to identify the root of any issues they’re experiencing with their plants. In this case, users will follow the same steps to identify plants. The only different is that you’ll access the scanner under”Diagnose” menu.

The app will then guide you to the scan menus and help you navigate through the whole procedure. The majority of the time you can obtain your exact results each time you scan. However, if the application fails to identify the specific condition of your plant, you can take a look at the lists of recommended reading resources that will assist you to understand the issues. If you are a premium user you can also opt to contact the experts on the team to receive answers and immediate help.

Learn more about plants

If you want to explore and understand more about the various kinds of plants, you can now take advantage of PictureThis – Plant Identifier to connect you to other users’ experiences around the world. This app lets users to share their personal experiences with plants. You are welcome to look through the many articles to discover stunning images of plants and interesting writings by fellow enthusiasts.

While doing so you are taking care of your gardens, Android users unlock many helpful tips to take care of their plants with PictureThis the Plant Identifier The application will guide you through a variety of ways to water and care for specific varieties of plants. This is sure to help you when starting on your travels.

Not to be left out, Android users in PictureThis – Plant Identifier will also find a variety of excellent book suggestions for learning more about biomes, plants and many other fascinating research studies on plants. These should be awe-inspiring to many of you enthusiasts.

Massive online community of plant lovers

With a huge crowd of plant enthusiasts ImageThis Plant Identifier provides a variety of great information and offers opportunities for you to discover more about plants, or to meet new people. You are welcome to join the another 70 million members from around the world when you gather to celebrate your love of plants and to learn more about the plants. Join now and connect with other members by sharing your images and posts. Find out about other writers’ thoughts on their personal experiences with specific species of plants as well as their gardening experience. Also you’ll get to meet people who are passionate about the natural world. You are welcome to connect with them and make new ones.

Personalized home feeds with great articles

With the fantastic mobile app of PictureThis ImageThis Plant Identifier now featuring its customized home feeds specifically designed for mobile users, you will thoroughly enjoy your well-curated inside-app experience. Here PictureThis – Plant Identifier will only display content and articles related to your most recent interests in the field and ongoing projects. So, it allows Android users to have their personalized experience in the app.

PictureThis MOD APK
PictureThis MOD APK
PictureThis MOD APK

Add and keep tracks of your own plants

For those who are interested, you can easily and effortlessly keep the track of your gardening experience through PictureThis The Plant Identifier. The app lets users to register specific information about their gardens. Take photos and add information on your particular plants to track their progress. Create your own maintenance reminders to allow the app to guide you when taking care of your plants. Keep track of your Snap History to fully engage yourself in your own personal journey. The list is endless.

More identifiers for plant lovers

With the advanced artificial intelligence engine of PictureThis The ImageThis – Identifier, Android users can get more features for identification from the application. Use it to find plants in your gardens and ensure that you’re picking the correct ones and not the plants. Utilize the application to find out about strategies that could intoxicate your pets. Make use of this Tree Identification tool to learn more about trees. Find specific bugs in your garden and then use PictureThis the Plant Identifier to figure out the type of insect they are. Check for Bird Identifications to determine which birds are best excluded from your garden, or reverse the order.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app on our website

While the app will still include advertisements and in-app purchases, many of us won’t be able to make the most of the features. Therefore, it’s best to use the version that has been modified of PictureThis plant Identifier on our site instead. We offer an unlocked version with all its features available and ads eliminated to ensure that you get the most value from it. All you have to do is install PictureThis Mod APK, install it pictureThisMod APK and follow our instructions to ensure it’s properly installed and you’ll be good to go.

Final verdicts

Prepare to experience this fantastic mobile application PictureThis the PictureThis – Identifier using your Android devices, since they permit you to learn more about plants as well as connect with other enthusiasts of plants. Try out the various tracking and identification tools to become a better gardener and a well-equipped one.

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