Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

App Name Shadow Fight 2
Developer Shadow Fight 2
Latest Version v2.19.0
Update June 18, 2022
Size 146 MB
License Freeware
Category GAMES

In the world of many games, there are samurai games that have taken over. Shadow Fight 2 is one of the games inspired by an aspiring young samurai who fights his foes and increases his strength. The samurai travels around the world and defeats his foes one at a time. The basic plot of the game, which you need to know in the order to play this game.


Being the primary character, you can change the rules of the game and fight by your standards. In this game, you have a variety of weapons that are powerful that they can combat and kill your adversaries. Be aware that your adversaries aren’t just normal, but fierce enemies who are just as powerful. It’s like fighting for your self-interest to prevail.

There are a variety of levels and there are other aspects that make the game fun and worthwhile to play. To learn more about the game and its capabilities continue reading this article to the end to get the answers you need.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk


What is Shadow Fight 2 APK?

Shadow Fight 2 APK is the game that is an homage to a samurai character is an athlete who likes to take on his foes. He is a target for enemies across the globe and one of his responsibilities is to travel from one location to another to take on them. He continues to travel and defeats each of his foes one at a time.

There are a variety of powerful weapons to choose from for you to take on your opponents as the primary character. In the end, there’s an array of options within this game that will leave you amazed. The updated version of this game comes with a variety of other features to explore.

What is Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK?

Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK is an upgraded and more advanced version of this application that offers all premium features without having to pay for in-app purchases. This is the perfect option for people who don’t wish to shell out money for the ability to unlock new weapons and items. This version gives you two hours of enjoyment and excitement, so you must give it a try.

What is the Max Level in Shadow Fight 2?

The maximum level in Shadow Fight 2 is level 52. The players are given the goal of achieving this level and then completing it to earn additional benefits.

How Many MB is Shadow Fight 2?

Shadow Fight 2 is a game that which Shadow Fight 2 is 145.8 Megabytes, which is sufficient to play on a phone with a relatively recent Android version. If you own this kind of Android version, you’ll be able to play the game easily.

Who is the Last Boss in Shadow Fight 2?

The final boss in Shadow Fight 2 is Titan who is the toughest one and also. You’ll need additional abilities and, of course, excellent weapons to defeat this monster.

Which is the Best Weapon to Defeat Titan?

Flame Clubs are the best weapon for defeating Titan. But Sickles and Claws are also used in this game to take out Titan effectively. Try these along with other weapons to take down Titan in a flash.


Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk


Features of Shadow Fight 2 APK

Defeat 6 Worlds

There are six worlds available to help you take them down. You can travel across a variety of locations where your foes are. You can take on them and take them down to conquer each level. Thus, many worlds are waiting for you to conquer in this game by making use of numerous weapons.

Perfect Controls

This game has the perfect and the most user-friendly control. You can easily leap, run, or punch anyone. No matter how you prefer to move the game gives you with the option, and you can execute the physical act effortlessly by using the controls. This is why the game is extremely effective and guarantees the ease of play for players.

Exceptional Weapons

There is a wide range of heavy weapons utilized to defeat bosses and take on anyone who is thrown your way. You only need to know how to utilize these weapons properly and your adversaries will be on their knees and defeat you.

Epic Customization

It is possible to customize the game in any way. If you’d like to alter the appearance of your character, your environment, or any other aspect of the game, you’re able to modify it.

Best Graphics Quality

The graphics of this video game is of the highest quality. You’ll enjoy playing this game since it provides you with the finest display, which is appealing enough to draw all your interest.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk


Features of Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK

Unlimited Gems

You’ll get an endless amount of gems from this game which you can use to get additional lives or purchase something you want.

Maximum Level Unlocked

The levels of the game are available to players. For those who are eager to play through all levels and wish to get to the next stage in the shortest time possible, This feature is made for players like them. They will be able to play all levels of this game without waiting around and also win them all.

No In-app Purchases

There are no in-app purchases to play this game. You can get all of the top elements for free, so you don’t have to shell out money and purchase additional features that could cost some an arm and a leg.


The game also comes with an anti-ban feature, which is a great feature. You can play the game without the risk of being blocked by the game’s creators. This is the reason why this game is so great and you can play without worrying about being banned the following day.

Free Game Download

It is possible to download the game for free since the download is completely free. This is why it’s one of the top games that are accessible for download at no cost, and you can download it right now.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk



Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK is a highly recommended app for you in case you like to play such types of games. It is not based on a new concept but it is new in terms of the brilliance and the excellent features provided. The gameplay is as efficient as you can ever find, so this game is worth the download. Get this game now from our website and start playing.


Q. Who is the easiest boss in Shadow Fight 2?

The easiest boss in Shadow Fight 2 is Butcher as this one is quite easier to be defeated. This answer is based on the experience shared by most of the players who have been playing this game for a very long.

Q. How do you get unlimited energy in Shadow Fight 2?

To get unlimited energy in Shadow Fight 2 there are two ways; either buy more energy using the in-app purchases option or just download the mod version of this game to enjoy the maximum amount of energy for playing this game without any restrictions.

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