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Teamfight Tactics

After the recent popularity of the cult Murder within the Alps, the distinctive style of auto chess attracted a lot of attention due to its potential to be a game changer in the industry. However, a variety of exciting mobile games that provide the same type of gameplay are also made available to gamers to pick up and play.

Not just for the PC platform, where the genre first began this brand new type of gameplay proves to be extremely adaptable and is playable on the two most popular gaming platforms, PC as well as mobile. This is why a variety of publishers and developers have tried rolling out their amazing games for mobile that incorporate auto Chess.

Through City Island 3 and similar mobile variations of the game Android players will be enjoying a great time as they take on their own thrilling strategy game. However, to be successful in this specific type of game, it must have a broad selection of heroes available, along with a variety of game mechanics that are flexible so that players can take advantage of the game in a variety of ways.

As of now, there’s only one game that can meet that promise. It’s Teamfight Tactics, one of the most popular PC games of the year. In 2020, Nitro Nation Drag & Dr… have just released their mobile version of the game, which comes with complete game playability across platforms. In the meantime, Android gamers can enjoy their exhilarating Teamfight Tactics experiences with gamers from around the globe on both mobile as well as PC game platforms.

Learn more about the exciting game in our comprehensive review.


In the game, Android players will have a chance to play as an assortment of heroes who are part of the pools that are the champs of the famed League of Legends. In this game, you can make your team compositions with unique synergies and abilities that can increase your overall performance and give players a variety of options for the game.

A single matchup that consists of multiple rounds in which8 players is competing against each other to create the strongest team compositions, and to defeat their opponents. It is possible to field your board with specific units with special powers and upgrade them to increase their power. You can defeat your opponents to earn cash and then take the cash as a draft to purchase more powerful unit cards.

In addition, with the game’s ability to provide an array of synergies, both counter and flexible No one has the power to win the constant battles between players. Only those who know how to fight particular foes can progress through the difficult rounds. Reach the end of the round by using your savvy tactics and defeating your opponents to be the best at Teamfight Tactics.

Teamfight Tactics


Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Intuitive touch controls for Teamfight Tactics gamers

For starters, Android gamers in Teamfight Tactics will quickly become comfortable with the gaming experience due to its easy-to-use control with a touch. This game provides gamers with an immersive experience that allows players to enjoy a full-on experience of auto chess enjoyment. Make use of the intuitive controls to easily choose and navigate through a variety of choices in the game. You’ll enjoy it more when playing using your PC.

Build your elite squad of League of Legend champions and battle it out

With Teamfight Tactics, Android gamers can have the possibility of creating multiple teams and then taking them on epic battles with their foes. This being said it offers a variety of unique League of Legends heroes, each with their unique talents and strengths. This lets you have multiple teams and intriguing synergies between your team’s champions.

With the deep game and the champion mechanics, you’ll see their strengths battling one another. So, the game is completely balanced, giving Android players to truly take pleasure in their auto chess games. In addition, it’s the incredible RNG (random number generator) that is used in every draft to ensure that no two chess matches are identical.

Enjoy the in-depth strategy gameplay on your mobile devices

Furthermore, with numerous available heroes available and different synergies that you can play with, Teamfight Tactics offers amazing Last Shelter Survival that you can play anytime you’re feeling up to it. In this game, you can select between a variety of strategies based on the teams of your opponents as well as your random drafts as well as the various items available. So, you can have multiple possibilities in your games.

Additionally, with a variety of updates that include new champions, meta modifications as well as gameplay tweaks as well as a variety of other new features players in Teamfight Tactics will find themselves playing to the max.

Teamfight Tactics

Have fun with the cross-platform experiences whenever you want

And for those who have already enjoyed Teamfight Tactics on your PC, You can now experience the thrilling gaming experience on your mobile thanks to this fresh adaptation of the game for the mobile platform. It’s true, because the game is purely strategic and the controls offer only minor changes, players can experience cross-platform gaming with full balance. You are free to play playing your Teamfight Tactics battles no matter the location you play from. You can play on your Mac or PC, or even your smartphone, and you’ll enjoy the entire game experience.

Enjoy exciting ranked battles with the top gamers

To increase the excitement of the game, Android gamers in Teamfight Tactics are also able to participate in their competitively ranked battles as well as the normal battles. You can play the detailed and fascinating ranking system that is similar to the real League of Legends rankings. Begin by playing in Iron ranks and progress to the elite Challenger. You can rise and fall in the tough ranked battles that take place throughout every game.

Have fun with the completely fair gameplay

Of course, for gamers to have the best gaming experience, Teamfight Tactics also offers an enjoyable and fair game that Android gamers play using their mobile devices. In other words, all players are equally matched at the start of each match, giving you an equal chance of taking the victory. The way you play and the decisions you make will determine the result of the game.

Enjoy the game with interesting skins and unique visual experiences

The only difference between every player from the other players in Teamfight tactics: League of Legends Strategy Game when they play is their skins for their characters, which you can buy to change your look. These skins will not have any effect on gaining you more players or winning games. However, you can create your characters to look amazing when you participate in the battles online. Make use of the fun costumes, dance effects as well as emojis and actions to distinguish your characters from the crowd.

Enjoy the completely free mobile gaming experiences

Like and like both League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics gameplay on your PC The mobile version of the title is free for players of all Android gamers to play. This means that it is easy to download and install it via Google Play Store. Google Play Store without any cost. You can enjoy all the thrilling in-game experiences without having to pay for features or annoying advertisements.

Teamfight Tactics

Visual and sound quality


Alongside the amazing visuals, Android gamers in Teamfight Tactics will enjoy the stunning graphics that are in the game. Have fun playing your PC-like gaming anytime you’re up for it. The high-quality graphics and clear graphics will keep you fully immersed in the game games.


In addition to powerful visuals players who play Teamfight Tactics will also enjoy their time with the famous and thrilling soundtracks for your PC game. You can be completely immersed in the thrilling game as you progress, and play to the max with a soothing audio.

Final thoughts

With amazing gameplay and exact adaptions of the popular PC game, Android gamers will discover its mobile-friendly version of Teamfight Tactics a great game to play. In any case, for those of you looking to play, you now enjoy your game on the go to explore.

For the most ardent League of Legends fans, you can also enjoy authentic MOBA games on smartphones by playing Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare, along with the already fantastic gameplay of Teamfight Tactics. Explore the new possibilities for mobile MOBA games by Riot Games and experience the mobile-friendly version game of League of Legends as you move forward.

Or you’ll be content with the game’s overall experience.

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